Henry Lyon's Shop

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  • Henry Lyons has been working with and for the Sligo community for over 180 years. Henry Lyons Department Store was established in 1835 on Lower Knox Street.
  • Henry Lyons has always been an innovator and keen to increase sales as part of that they produced a seasonal brochure which contained all items that were for sale in the shop. They also ran a wholesale business and served from Belmullet to Tory Island.
  • When the First World War broke many of the staff went to fight about 25% in total. They were replaced mostly by women at that time. Their names are all recorded on Henry Lyons Roll of Honour.
  • During the war of Independence (mid 1920's) Cecil Lyons sent a boy to Dublin every day to collect a national newspaper which was pinned to the front window of the shop for everyone to read as newspapers were not readily available at that time. The Black and Tans broke the shop window, the only result was that the paper reappeared and Cecil Lyons started to make uniforms for the Citizen Army.

Distance from St Angela’s: 7.9 km
Link: http://henrylyons.ie/




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