Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money do I send with my booking form?

You must send €650 with your booking form. €300 will comprise a security deposit, which the Management Company will retain pending the satisfactory return of your apartment at the end of the academic year. €350 will be non-refundable and will cover items such as refuse collection; Cable; TV licence etc. €175 of this will, be allocated towards your energy costs. Depending on your usage of energy you may have to pay more here.


2. Who are payments to be made payable to?

All payments should be made payable to “SALA”.


3. How do I pay for my electricity?

You will receive a bi-monthly summary from the Management Company. In the ebent you exceed toyour energy allowance you must remit the amount due to the Management Company on or before the appointed date. N.B. Your electricity bill must always be paid on time, in case your supply is cut off. You will receive more information about this matter when you take over your apartment.


4. Can I get the Internet / Wifi in my room?

Internet access is included free of charge when you book in SALA.


5. How are Roommates allocated?

If you have a friend you wish to share with, SALA will endeavour to accommodate you both together as long as this is clearly marked on both application forms. Otherwise roommates are allocated on the basis of sex, academic year, course and age, where possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to facilitate all requests.


6. Do I have to leave at Christmas and Easter?

No, you enjoy exclusive use of the room/apartment for the duration your license period.


7. What happens if I pay for accommodation and fail to take up a place at Saint Angela’s College?

In the case where a Student has paid the booking fee, first rent payment or annual rent payment in full for accommodation and fails to be offered a place at College, the full value paid will be refunded.

In the case where a Student has paid the booking fee, first rent payment or annual rent payment in full, is offered a place in the College and subsequently chooses not to take the place in College, the full value paid will be refunded. The onus is on the student to inform management accordingly.


8. How soon must I confirm my reservation?

You are advised to make a reservation immediately. Act now! Forward the booking form, together with your deposit (€650) without delay. Receipt of both your application and deposit will be confirmed by reply. Your reservation will be confirmed at the earliest practicable date. N.B. Remember, your 1st rent payment must be paid in full no later than Friday, August 31, 2018.


9. Can I book by telephone?

No, you can only apply in the prescribed manner. Forward the booking form, together with your deposit (€650) without delay.


10. Is there a Curfew?

No, there is no curfew. Residents can come and go as they please. However we do require that all residents carry their College ID with them at all times.


11. What time do visitors have to leave?

All non-residents must leave the residences by 11pm. No overnight guests are permitted without the prior written permission from management.


12. Can I obtain my Apartment number or roommate details before check-in?

No, your apartment details will be issued to you on arrival.


13. Does SALA provide insurance for my belongings?

No, you must take out your own cover for your possessions. This is advisable and we ay require proof of this on check-in.


14. Can a room be rented for part of the academic Year?

Each room will only be rented for the full Academic year. Students are liable for this period even if they do not stay for all of it.


15. When is the 2nd rent payment due?

The 2nd rent payment is due no later than November 30th, 2018.


16. When is the 3rd rent payment due?

The 3rd rent payment is due no later than February 22nd, 2018.


17. What is the duration of an academic year in SALA?

From September to May annually, dates per letting arrangements.

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